B2100 Private Piano Accordion Lessons


Get some Accordion Lessons! This purchase includes 4 Private one-on-one Skype Lessons for Piano Accordion with a qualified experienced teacher! Read the product description below for more information.


Boost your learning with private, one-on-one lessons with an Accordion Life teacher! Enjoy 1 month of weekly lessons and see how much you learn!

This purchase includes:

• 1 month of private lessons = 1 lesson a week for 4 consecutive weeks.

• Personalized feedback and teaching tailored to your musical needs. 

• 4 weeks of Premium Membership to Accordion Life included at no extra charge.

• The opportunity to ask questions and learn.

• Lessons are taught via Skype anywhere in the world.

• Accordion Life is designed for the learning and playing success of all students, regardless of age, abilities, and musical background.

Once you have purchased these lessons. Email us to get you scheduled with an accordion teacher.  You will need a free Skype account.


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