B2200 Private Chromatic Button Accordion SKYPE or ZOOM Lesson (TRIAL lesson)

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If you have just filled out the Skype Registration Form, go ahead and purchase 1 lesson (Click ADD TO CART) to get started for a Private one-on-one Skype Lesson for Chromatic Button Accordion with a qualified experienced teacher! Read the product description below for more information.


Boost your learning with private, one-on-one lessons with an Accordion Life teacher! Enjoy 1 trial lesson to experience and see if Lessons via Skype or Zoom are a good fit!

This purchase includes:

• 1 Private Trial Lesson (30 Minutes)

• Personalized feedback and teaching tailored to your musical needs. 

• The opportunity to ask questions and learn.

• Lessons are taught via Skype or ZOOM anywhere in the world.

• Accordion Life is designed for the learning and playing success of all students, regardless of age, abilities, and musical background.

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Once you have purchased these lessons, we will contact you to get you scheduled with one of our accordion teachers.

Should you wish to continue with lessons after your trial, there is a $35 registration fee. Lessons are then scheduled at the same time each week and prepaid by the month for a total of $140. This covers 4 lessons per month — if there is a 5th week, that is used as a make-up lesson for any missed lessons or as a bonus lesson if you haven’t missed any lessons!

4 reviews for B2200 Private Chromatic Button Accordion SKYPE or ZOOM Lesson (TRIAL lesson)

  1. Lance Curkendall

    I’m taking chromatic lessons via skype. They are a quick 30 minutes, so there is no time for small talk, and that’s just as well. Having recently switched from piano to chromatic accordion, my right hand needs comprehensive training. Practice makes permanent, they say. Yev Nosov, my teacher is right on target making sure that I practice correctly, despite my occasional wayward tendencies.
    Skype is a great tool that brings me face to face with an excellent teacher with a winning track record. I have recommended skype lessons to others and will continue to do so. It solves the problem there not being enough good teachers nearby. Now, there’s one less excuse to avoid learning the accordion. Lance St.Helens, OR.

  2. Joe Tierno

    Finding a chromatic button accordion (CBA) instructor here in the United States is nearly impossible. For several years I wandered the internet looking for help in groups and sites on YouTube offered by people with good intentions. I would often wake up at 3am when bits and pieces of information would gel in my subconscious and I would learn something new, such as the Stradella side is arranged in the circle of fifths.
    I knew that a qualified instructor was what I needed so as to practice in a purposeful manner and to learn my weaknesses immediately before they became bad habits.
    It should go without saying that immediate feedback from a credentialed professional has gone a long way in unlocking the mysteries of music and especially the CBS.
    I am in my late seventies with no musical experience and a background in accounting; not a winning combination. What is important is the journey and the joy of being able to play music. That is why I strongly recommend CBS Skype lessons from Accordion Life.

  3. Evangeline Schmitt

    When my dad first told me he’d found chromatic button accordion lessons I could take through skype, I’ll be honest I was skeptical about how an online music teaching would go. From my first lesson, however, my teachers have made it feel perfectly natural. I’ve now taken lessons with Accordion Life for four years and have learned so much about playing music with expression and storytelling. Accordion Life also gave me the opportunity of competing in the Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration.

  4. John Norton (verified owner)

    I knew I couldn’t learn this instrument on my own. Yev is a really good teacher, perfectly friendly and enjoyable. He’ll run you through how your body, arms, and hands need to interact with the instrument. From there, the next challenge might be fingering, which he has consistently and thoroughly helped me with.

    To learn to play pieces, it’s better to practice them with techniques rather than trying to play them straightaway over and over until you get it. These Skype lessons have been essential in getting that knowledge to me.

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