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 “Their online tutorials (and Skype capability for those not in range to take lessons) is unsurpassed. This program is in a class by itself and absolutely the best learning program I have ever seen.”

-Dale Johnson • A Student of Accordion Life

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Preliminary Level • 10 Videos

For complete beginners: learn how the piano accordion works and how to take care of it.

Level 1 • 50 Videos

Learn the #1 rule for the bellows, standard bass patterns and producing quality sound.

Level 2 • 62 Videos

Learn to produce different articulations, bass rhythms and develop bellow control.

Level 3 • 70 Videos

Learn the bellow shakes, a variety of rhythm patterns and other special effects.

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Learn how to play new songs, develop good technique and show off your new hot accordion skills.

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How many hours are wasted in trial and error when you could already be playing your favorite songs? What if you’re doing it wrong? How far do you have to travel to get lessons from a qualified accordion teacher? What if your playing sounds flat and mechanical? Figuring out how to navigate all those little bass buttons can be complicated on your own.


Nearly 300 Videos

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What’s Included in a Piano Accordion Student Membership?

Access to the 4 Main Courses (192 videos)

Digital Sheet Music

Study Sheets with Every Lesson

Exclusive access to additional videos and resources (100+ more videos)

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Personal Feedback from our teachers for 4 weeks
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 From Our Students

How To Play the Piano Accordion“I was fearful my age would hold me back. But it hasn’t! I feel like part of a family.” – Michelle Egan


How To Play the Piano Accordion“I am starting from scratch with level one at Accordion Life and absolutely loving it. I am getting basics and tools I have never been taught before which is making a difference in the songs I already know how to play but never sounded quite right. The lessons are also giving me a new bit of self-confidence that has been lacking. It is fun being on the cutting edge of these online classes.” – Nan Peterson


How To Play the Piano Accordion“I love your teaching methods. I’m a 66-year old Polish boy who took accordion lessons when I was 6 for a year or two, then quit, which I have regretted all my life.  Now, I really want to get as good as I can with the accordion. I’m really impressed with your program.” – Joe W.


How To Play the Piano Accordion“I am a young advanced piano player and just recently decided to pick up the accordion.  Accordion Life’s method not only eased my worry about learning the accordion but has convinced me that the accordion is truly an instrument you can have fun with!” – Maya Phipps


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