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 "I feel your teaching methodology is great and the best thing is that one can learn on their schedule. I really appreciate what you’ve developed and highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to learn how to play the accordion the right way."

-Joe Wojtowicz • A Student of Accordion Life




- 3 Step Plan - 


Step 1

How To Play the Chromatic Accordion


Create Your Student Membership Account

Fill out the information to create your account and get immediate access.

Step 2

How To Play the Chromatic Accordion


Choose Your Curriculum Course (Grade) Level

Beginners: Start with the Preliminary Course and advance through the levels chronologically. Got experience? Jump to the area you need.

Step 3

How To Play the Chromatic Accordion


Start Your Musical Journey with the Accordion

Learn how to play new songs and show off your new hot accordion skills.

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 "Accordion Life is a fantastic website that gives

a beginner all the necessary tools to play the accordion

and are delivered in a clear, decisive manner." 


(Classical, Virtuoso and Digital Categories)



How many hours are wasted in trial and error when you could already be playing your favorite songs? What if you're doing it wrong? How far do you have to travel to get lessons from a qualified accordion teacher? What if your playing sounds flat and mechanical? Figuring out how to navigate all those little bass buttons can be complicated on your own.



Chromatic Accordion Student Membership

Access to the Main Chromatic Courses

Digital Sheet Music

Study Sheets with Every Lesson

Exclusive access to additional videos and resources (100+ more videos)

Stay on top of your education with monthly articles

Save 50% on Specialty Courses

Personal Feedback from our teachers for 4 weeks
(To make sure the beginning of your journey is totally successful)


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Have questions?      Call 509-998-5422


The cost of lessons can vary depending on how far you have to travel to a teacher. Private lessons can be anywhere from $20-$35 for a 30 minute lesson.  One year of weekly lessons (52 lessons) can cost anywhere between $1,050 - $1,820.


Save big while enjoying easy-to-follow lessons that you can view any time in the comfort and privacy of your own home. You won't feel alone or question if you’re doing it right.

Here's to your success!




100% Money Back Guarantee



After 14 days, if you don't love your lessons and feel you've received
great value, just let us know and we will gladly give you a full refund.


How To Play the Chromatic Accordion

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