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•• 50 Videos •• GRADED CURRICULUM SERIES FOR PIANO ACCORDION. If you’re a beginner or have a tiny bit of experience with the accordion (and want to make sure you’re doing it right) this course is for you!

In this course we teach you a very unique way to read music, you’ll get an introduction to basic rhythms, learn what the #1 rule is for the bellows, learn standard bass patterns used in many songs, and produce quality sound.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a whole list of different songs with different styles that you will be able to play like a pro!

• Grade Level 1
• 50 Videos
• Digital Player
• Sheet Music Included

How to Play the Piano Accordion with Patricia Bartell
Online Accordion Lessons


Graded Curriculum Series | Level 1 for the Piano Accordion.  In this Level 1 course of the Piano Accordion Series we teach you what the #1 rule is for the bellows, standard bass patterns used in many songs, and how to produce quality sound. You’ll learn a very unique way to read music and get an introduction to basic rhythms.  By the end of the course, you’ll have a whole list of different songs with different styles that you will be able to play like a pro!  • 50 Videos • Sheet Music Included


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Unit 1: Getting Ready (2 videos) Unit 8: Major Chords (6 videos)
Unit 2: Rhythm (3 videos) Unit 9: Early Morning Time (5 videos)
Unit 3: Airborne (3 videos) Unit 10: It’s How You Think (5 videos)
Unit 4: The Left Hand (2 videos) Unit 11: On The Journey (4 videos)
Unit 5: The Other Side (3 videos) Unit 12: Stepping In (5 videos)
Unit 6: Keyboard Action (3 videos) Unit 13: Going Higher (5 videos)
Unit 7: I Believe (4 videos) Unit 14: Celebrate (5 videos)


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 Your Accordion Teacher: Patricia Bartell

Accordion Teacher Patricia BartellPatricia Bartell is a graduate of Whitworth University with a B.A. in Music Education and Accordion Performance.  Patricia is recognized not only in North America, but internationally as an adjudicator, professional performer and teacher.

She has studied piano with Dr. Judith Schoepflin of Whitworth University and with Kendall Feeney of the Golandsky Institute, which is the preeminent center for the Taubman Technique Approach. Patricia has also studied “The New Technical Approach” with the world-renowned accordion teacher Frederic Deschamps in France.  This technique approach has helped produce amazing results for all ages.  MORE

If you want to take your online accordion lessons a step further, Patricia also gives private accordion lessons via Skype for all ages and styles of music.


 Why Join Accordion Life?

• You deserve the best music education and tools available to learn the accordion from qualified and experienced teachers.

• Depending on where you live, accordion teachers may be as scarce as hens teeth.

• From the start, you want to know you’re doing it right … and not having to start over later since your time is valuable. We will give you proper technique that you won’t find on YouTube.

• It’s much cheaper than most private lessons and you’re getting top notch education without breaking the bank.

• We’ll give you the confidence you need about the process of learning, and we’re available for questions through the forums.   Every lesson in each course also has a place for you to ask questions and get feedback.

• You’ll have your own personal library of downloadable sheet music that is always growing.

• You’ll receive weekly articles to help advance your Accordion Life.


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Course Reviews


24 ratings
  • 5 stars23
  • 4 stars1
  • 3 stars0
  • 2 stars0
  • 1 stars0
  1. Superb Course!


    Easy to understand and so much packed into this level!

  2. Just What I Have Been Needing


    The way this course is presented really works with my learning style: watch, listen, do. In addition I find it really helpful to record myself so I can get some feedback as to how I sound compared to what I hear on the course. I am excited for the next course. In the meantime I continue to work on the skills presented in level one , especially the bellows and smoother rhythm.

  3. 5

    Excellent introduction to the accordion. Also a good review for a returning student.

  4. Course #1


    WOW! In one month I am playing the Accordion! Patricia’s method of teaching makes learning easy and fun. The numerous online camera angles and method of teaching music is fantastic, taking the guess work out of how to play or what it is suppose to sound like. I really enjoy the sheet music viewer. I can play the song and have the sheet viewer music be my back-up band. Plus I can slow it down until I learn to play the piece at speed. I look forward to playing/practicing everyday. Having tried to self-teach I had many bad habits. Patricia’s teaching of the bellow and bellow markings has helped me to play correctly which will greatly improve my ability to play as my skills progress. Having private lessons with Patricia has really cemented the online teaching and added things I would of missed just with the online course. I can’t say enough good words about the combination her and her program. I am so excited to move onto course #2.

  5. 5

    Hi Patricia
    have very much enjoyed going through the content of this course I have gone through all the lessons and written notes on all the paperwork so that I can now perfect all the exercises and songs given without having to cart my computer with me . Everything is very clear and easy to follow. I am new to this instrument and have recently bought a hohner 111 72 bass accordion. Loving it.

  6. Excellent Course


    A wonderful, fun way to begin playing the accordion. The instructor’s enthusiasm and love of the instrument shines throughout each lesson.

  7. Great! On to level 2 : )


    Really enjoyed the lessons. Great practice for improving my site reading.

  8. Great Information


    I already read music and play piano, but there are certainly some important steps to learn with below technique and understanding the bass buttons. Thanks again! Great information and easy to follow instructions.

  9. Great for quick learning


    I’m a pianist and had to pick up the accordion fast to play it in a show. This course taught me everything I needed to know!

  10. Piano Accordion Level 1


    Just finished level 1. I really enjoyed the course. I am amazed at my progress and excited to move on to course 2. I am motivated to continue my accordion journey.

  11. Piano Accordion Level 1


    I have thoroughly enjoyed working through Level 1 with my newly acquired 80 bass Weltmeister. It has provided the basic grounding necessary to give me confidence to continue to the next level. However, I have not yet mastered the everlasting smile whilst playing!

  12. Accordion Level 1


    a brilliant course explained everything, easy to learn and go back to repeat. Loved the play along items.

  13. Very informative and much needed


    Hello Everyone,

    Honestly speaking I was quite sceptical when I started off but as I went on, I was amazed to find how well it has been structured and packaged keeping in mind the learners’ requirements. I can only say the course is an excellent online learning resource which has been prepared after meticulous planning and research. I can only say a lot of effort has been put in to this and I thank and congratulate our Dear Instructor, Partricia Bartell and her team for creating this excellent platform.

    Personally for me it has unravelled the mysteries of accordion playing in a most lucid way that one can rarely expect that too through an online media. To me its a gift of my life but unfortunately I had to wait 50 long year for this. May be this is what was I was destined for. But I am happy that at last ‘Accordion Life’ has set me on my way to realise my dream that I always cherished.

    I strongly feel now that with my perseverance and with the help of ‘Accordion Life’, some day soon I will be able to play with considerable proficiency if not with the best that I wanted all my life….. and may be I can never in this lifetime because of my age and limitations. But still I am hopeful and I thank you ‘Accordion Life’ that you have paved a way for me and you have showed me a ray of hope to even achieve that.

    Thanks so much.


  14. Good Lessons for start


    Good lessons to build up the basic theory and playing music.

  15. Best Lessons


    I had taken accordion lessons when I was 8 or 9 , now that I am in my 60’s and still have the accordion. I decided pick it up and squeeze out a few tunes. To my surprise… I am bad. Thanks to Patricia I am back playing and breaking old habits. My goal is when I retire and camping, is to play my according around the campfire and with others and their instruments. I am more confident in my playing. I recorded “I believe” on my phone and showed a few co-workers. The few days following, several others want to hear it and to my surprise they all like it. Now the requests for faster pieces. I have high expectations for myself and want to play some Christmas Carols at our work cookout at Christmas time. Maybe a few Polkas.
    Patricia, thanks to you for your teaching methods and the videos that I can go back and watch them over and see your finger placements. These old fingers are not as limber as they were when I was 9 but they are longer. Since I have been playing and have a desire to learn my playing is easier.


  16. A great kick off


    Level 1 was great for starting me off on playing the accordion! I don’t have a printer, but I was still able to complete the course using only my smartphone, and occasionally a laptop. This has a been a great help, and I’m looking forward to level 2!!!

  17. 5

    This was really a great learning experience, giving me the basics I need and the ability to play a few simple tunes using both hands.
    Looking forward to being able to move to the next level.

  18. Awesome!


    This course really went at a great pace. Each song built off of the last, creating a sequential skill-building library that was not overwhelming. I’m excited to start Level 2.

  19. Excellent Course


    You make it idiot proof by breaking down each song . Loved it

  20. Very well organised


    I am completely satisfied with my membership and I recommend everyone to subscribe to Accordion Life. All the topics are very well organised. My only “complain” is that I would prefer to learn the notes in this chapter in order to practise myself in the songs…rather to learn by heart where to put my finger in the accordion.

    Congrats for your great job. Keep going!!!!

  21. Level One Review


    It’s great to see the magnificent way Patricia explains each step, both by separating the left and right hands, as well as putting them together. This is a solid foundation.

  22. Great beginner course


    Instructions were very clear. I am looking forward to continuing to learn more.

  23. Good Foundation


    This is a good foundation to start with. I’m excited to move to the next level.


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