PIANO ACCORDION • Step-by-step instructions with Yev Nosov to learn the famous French waltz: Under Paris Skies. Definitely a piece to have in your repertoire for entertaining friends.

• Grade Level 3
• 3 Videos
• Digital Player
• Sheet Music Included

How To Play Under Paris Skies on the Piano Accordion

 Online Piano Accordion Lessons: Under Paris Skies


Single Song Tutorial for the Piano Accordion. Step-by-step instructions with Yev Nosov to learn the famous French waltz: Under Paris Skies.  Definitely a piece to have in your repertoire for entertaining friends. Grade Level 3  • Sheet Music Included • 3 Videos



• SS 3.1 The Left Hand

• SS 3.2The Right Hand

• SS 3.3 Hands Together

• SS 3.4 Digital Sheet Music Player


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 Your Accordion Teacher: Yev Nosov

Accordion Teacher Yev NosovYev Nosov is both a chromatic accordion and piano accordion teacher of Accordion Life. He has studied under Patricia Bartell and competed in many competitions. Yev has also studied with world renown accordion teacher Frederic Deschamps in France and teaches the Deschamps technique.

If you want to take your online accordion lessons a step further, Yev gives private accordion lessons via Skype for all ages and all styles of music from Classical to Techno.   He also teaches composition, improvisations, and reading chord charts.



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Course Reviews


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  1. Great song to learn


    This is a must learn song. Great instructions.

  2. Under Paris Skies


    A great piece of music and with the instruction, made it simple to follow.

  3. Nice simplified version


    Sounds beautiful, at the same time I´d love to learn some of the “typical musette phrases” that are missing like quick walks (no idea how to call them correctly ;-)).

  4. Under Paris Skies Review


    I really like Under Paris Skies. I have liked this song for many years. I remember Andy Williams singing this song and recall how wonderful the melody and harmony is in this song. What a treat it is to have Yev Nosov instruct us in how to play this particular song. It’s reassuring to be able to benefit from his professional manner of teaching and instructing. I’m looking forward to practicing this song today, to become familiar with playing it. Accordion Life is a fantastic program, Being a “Senior” is a challenge in going through songs after so many years without playing the Accordion. I feel that even after only a short while, I am getting my confidence back.


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