•• 38 Videos •• This is the best accordion technique in the world that will change your playing forever! What if you could play every technical passage with ease and be twice as accurate?

World-renowned teacher Frédéric Deschamps lays out a complete proven system of how to practice that will drastically improve your technique. Used by world champion accordionists, you’ll also learn an exercise that will super charge and strengthen your fingers to play with ease and confidence.

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• For Beginners to Advanced
• 38 Videos




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  1. Deschamps Technique


    Lots of unique information here, will certainly help me be a better player.

  2. Deschamps Technique


    Great Course, I learned a lot and got particular good results out of using his practice methods to assist in the correct Accordion posture and way to play. It is a whole new way to learn. It does take time, and you will not get it all the first time. I have gone through the course three times already and will be going back to his course often to refine his techniques. The only downside was that sometimes his descriptions were a little hard to follow at first and sometimes the camera angle did now show what he was talking about. But that was minor compared to the overall importance of the course for the serious student.

  3. 5

    A fantastic course. I highly recommend it.

  4. A Brilliant Course On Improving Accordion Playing


    Just completed a brilliant course on how to improve my playing of the Accordion. Including how to use the body to better convey your musical expression and how to practice with the minimum of effort for maximum results. Will be returning to this again and again to keep on track with improving my technique. Highly recomended for students of the Accordion – at any level.

  5. Very Interesting


    Interesting ideas of body mechanics while playing the accordion. Have never thought much about this aspect of playing. I am not sure if I will be able to implement these techniques but I am glad I signed up for the tutorial since the Deschamps Technique is widely discussed.

  6. WOW this course works


    WOW this really is a great course.The exercises really did make improvements and made my playing much easier.. thank you.

  7. The fascinating body language of playing the accordion.


    So many interesting new aspects one can learn here. I did not recognize that playing the accordion uses so much body language. For me this is an amazing insight. The blocked hands look still strange to me, and still feel strange aswell. I will try working on this.

  8. Muy buen curso


    A veces es necesario mover la cámara para que la explicación del maestro sea más clara.


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