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Diatonic Accordion | Level 1 Course

The videos in this course are in SPANISH only.

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How to Learn the Diatonic Accordion with Antonio Tanguma Jr.

(Spanish Only)


This Diatonic Level 1 Course includes:

• 1.0 Bienvenido  (1 video)

• 1.1 Estilos bajos  (1 video)

• 1.2 El Naranjo  (5 videos)

• 1.3 Las Comadres  (5 videos)

• 1.4 Echatelas Pal Alto  (5 videos)

• 1.5 La Leona  (5 videos)

• 1.6 De rio rico a progresso  (5 videos)

• 1.7 Rossy  (4 videos)

• 1.8 Mananitas  (5 videos)

• 1.9 Tampico Hermoso  (5 videos)

• 1.10 Claudia  (5 videos)

• 1.11 El Pavido Navido  (5 videos)

• 1.12 Dia y Noche  (5 videos)

• 1.13 Conclusion  (1 video)





Your Accordion Teacher: Antonio Tanguma Jr.

Antonio Tanguma Jr. playing diatonic accordion.Accordion Life has partnered with Antonio Tanguma, Jr. to bring you a curriculum for learning to play and enjoy your Diatonic Accordion with a variety of popular songs.

Antonio is a graduate of Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, UANL, one of the best universities in Mexico and Latin America. He has a B.A. degree in Music and Instrumental and currently working on his Masters degree in Psychology.

Antonio is an accordionist, singer, composer and arranger.  In 2012 he represented Mexico and placed 5th in the World Championships for Accordion — Trophée Mondial del’ Accordéon.



The Diatonic Accordion Courses Are in Two Categories


• Core Curriculum Series for the Diatonic Accordion (How to Learn the Diatonic Accordion Method)

The Core Curriculum Series is for people who want a structured method course. This starts with the Preliminary Basics, Level 1, Level 2, etc.  Each course is packed with songs that are focused on learning needed objectives and proper technique.


• Single Song Tutorials for the Diatonic Accordion (How to Play the Diatonic Accordion)

The Single Song Tutorials are courses that feature one song corresponding to the same grade levels that are used in the Core Curriculum Series. These Single Song Tutorials courses focus on showing you “what” to play, demonstrating hands separately and together using high definition cameras, which allow you to see what to do close-up in ultimate detail – so you don’t miss a thing whether you watch this on your computer, smartphone, or your favorite tablet.



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