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Why Take Accordion Skype Lessons From Us?

• Live, Personal Instruction

Learn quickly and efficiently with one-on-one time with a professional teacher. Receive personalized feedback and teaching tailored to your musical needs and desires.

• All Ages & Abilities
From beginner to advanced, children to adults, we produce a curriculum that enables students to advance at an accelerated rate according to their learning style and unique thinking process.

• Chromatic & Piano Accordion
Learn the piano accordion or chromatic (C-System or B-System) accordion. We teach both types of instruments using a variety of technique methods.

• How Does It Work?
All you need is a computer, webcam, a good internet connection and a desire to learn. Download the free Skype program and you’re ready to start or advance your musical journey from the comfort of your own home.

• Develop Your Skill
Our highly skilled teachers LOVE teaching. Their passion is to give students the tools they need to develop and become true artists who understand and can successfully apply the art of musicality.

• Some Extras
All sheet music for lessons is included and lessons are recorded so you can review your lesson at any time.  Lessons are 30 minutes. Learn from anywhere! Regardless if you live in China, Australia or the backwoods of Montana -- with Skype Lessons, you can enjoy the same benefits and rewards of personalized, professional lessons that our students get in person at our studio.


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How to play the Piano Accordion   "My instructor Yev at Accordion Life is a fabulous teacher/coach and pushes me to find deeper meaning and musicality with my accordion. As a professional accordionist, the Skype sessions I have with Accordion Life keep me challenged and ultimately help improve my technique and intention when performing." - Michael S. 


How to play the Piano Accordion   “I love your teaching methods. I’m a 66-year old Polish boy who took accordion lessons when I was 6 for a year or two, then quit, which I have regretted all my life.  Now, I really want to get as good as I can with the accordion. I’m really impressed with your program.” – Joe W.


How to play the Piano Accordion   "Finding a chromatic button accordion (CBA) instructor here in the United States is nearly impossible. For several years I wandered the internet looking for help in groups and sites on YouTube offered by people with good intentions ... I knew that a qualified instructor was what I needed so as to practice in a purposeful manner and to learn my weaknesses immediately before they became bad habits. It should go without saying that immediate feedback from a credentialed professional has gone a long way in unlocking the mysteries of music and especially the CBA. I am in my late seventies with no musical experience and a background in accounting; not a winning combination. What is important is the journey and the joy of being able to play music. That is why I strongly recommend CBA Skype lessons from Accordion Life." - Joe T. 


How to play the Piano Accordion   "I’m taking chromatic lessons via Skype ... Having recently switched from piano to chromatic accordion, my right-hand needs comprehensive training. Practice makes permanent, they say. Yev Nosov, my teacher is right on target making sure that I practice correctly, despite my occasional wayward tendencies. Skype is a great tool that brings me face to face with an excellent teacher with a winning track record. I have recommended skype lessons to others and will continue to do so. It solves the problem there not being enough good teachers nearby. Now, there’s one less excuse to avoid learning the accordion." - Lance C.

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