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Why Are You My Teachers?     Because ...

  • You deserve the best education and tools available from qualified and experienced teachers.


  • Depending on where you live, accordion teachers may be as scarce as hen’s teeth.

  • From the start, you want to know you’re doing it right … and not having to start over later since your time is valuable.

  • The accordion must come alive for you -- it is not just an inanimate object.  We help you experience the magic of music.

  • You need professional expertise beyond YouTube.

  • When you play, you want to sound like an artist, not just a "good music student."  You want to play with purpose, emotion,  and intensity, and make every note count.  And YES, this is even for beginners -- you don't have to wait 10+ years to learn how to do this.









Why Online Courses?

  • When you're ready to take a lesson, it needs to be when you’re available and when it’s convenient for you.

  • When you want to review a previous lesson it always will be there waiting for you whether it’s on your computer, tablet or your smart phone.

  • You may pick and choose what you want to learn based on your goals.

  • Our HD videos have multiple camera angles giving you an up close and personal view of what we're doing. No more guessing what key or button we are pressing.

  • It’s much cheaper than most private lessons and you’re getting top notch education without breaking the bank.


This Is What We Do On Accordion Life For You

  • We create courses using professional equipment and cutting-edge technology so you get the best that's available for your learning style.

  • We write monthly articles to help further your knowledge of music and the accordion.

  • We digitize music so you can hear what your music is supposed to sound like using a digital player.  You can slow your music down, speed it up or even loop the same two measures to practice along with it.

  • We're constantly uploading new sheet music as PDF files so you can expand your library of music.

  • We created a community platform for you to meet, connect and share with other accordion enthusiasts on the Forum and through the News Feed.

  • Every month, we create video tutorials for songs of different genres so you can learn to play some of your favorite pieces.






Why Choose Us? 

  • We're young, educated and have a passion to help and teach you the accordion in fresh new ways.

  • We’ll give you the confidence you need about the process of learning, and we’re available for questions through the forums.   Every lesson in each course also has a place for you to ask questions and get feedback.

  • We give you a variety of music – Tangos, Polkas, Classical, Blues, Swing, Musette and more.

  • We’re not your stereotypical teachers.  We don't use old school methods of training, nor do we teach you with an austere face and a monotone voice that has no personality.   You’ll have fun learning and find our humor refreshing and maybe even slightly corny.

  • We’re constantly learning, ourselves. Music is a lifelong journey – you never quite reach the top because there’s always something more to learn. So what we learn, we pass on to you, so your money won't be screaming bloody murder as it's leaving your pocket.  



How It Works 

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What To Do Next >

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  • Look forward to meeting you on the INSIDE!


Patricia Bartell, Founder of Accordion Life


• B.A. in Music Education & Accordion Performance, Whitworth University, Spokane, WA.

• Certified Simply Music piano and accordion instructor.

• USA Adjudicator for Trophee Mondial of the World Accordion Confederation.

• Successful international accordion competitor & Concert Artist.

• Owns, manages, and teaches at Able to Play Music Studio.

• Performs with Tango Volcado, an Argentine Tango Quartet.

• President of World Trophy Accordion U.S.A (Non-Profit Organization)

• Director of The Portatos | Modernized Accordion Band.

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