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The HOHNER Group

 Since 1857, HOHNER has been crafting the highest quality musical instruments in the World --making harmonicas, accordions, melodicas, recorders and guitars to name a few.

Worldwide, millions of music lovers play instruments by HOHNER and SONOR. Beginners, advanced players and professionals of all ages and in all musical styles value their reliability, quality and outstanding product design, created in cooperation with musicians to meet their specific needs.

Pop, rock and blues artists from all over the world, TexMex or Vallenato players in Central and Latin America, harmonica orchestras in Asia, jazz and classical musicians in Europe, or iconic stars like Bob Dylan or Stevie Wonder - they all live the joy of music every day with instruments from HOHNER and SONOR.

The HOHNER Group's lengthy tradition of high quality musical instrument manufacture began in the mid-19th century.
In 1857 Matthias Hohner founded a small harmonica factory and in 1875 Johannes Link embarked on the production of SONOR percussion instruments.

In time, what started off as a cottage industry grew to become one of the most firmly established companies in international musical culture. In cooperation with global stars, the legendary instruments of HOHNER and SONOR created unforgettable musical milestones.



Music is one of the most fundamental forms of human expression. For over 150 years it has been HOHNER's declared mission to bring the joy of music making to people all over the world, to provide them with the best possible instruments so that they can discover their own musical creativity and experience the emotional and communicative power of music for  themselves.

To fulfill these aspirations, HOHNER not only works closely with well-known artists, but also with hobbyists, amateurs, and teachers. Whether in management, the R&D department or in production, numerous HOHNER staff members are enthusiastic musicians themselves and are also closely aware of market developments. This ensures that our instruments are always attuned to the current needs of the player.

Today our assortment ranges from harmonicas and accordions to melodicas, recorders and guitars as well as children's instruments. At the company headquarters in  Trossingen, stateof- the-art precision tools, constantly optimized   production methods and finest craftsmanship come together to create top quality musical instruments which are sold in over 85 countries.

For decades, HOHNER has been the worldwide market leader in the area of harmonicas and accordions and regularly sets new standards for quality and innovation in these fields.

This position is not merely a consequence of technological  advantage, but is primarily a result of closeness to our customers, focused marketing and a real passion for music.

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