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Grayson Masefield was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 10th September 1987 to accordion playing parents Ian and Heather Masefield. His musical career began at 3 years of age with Fay Schaw, then developed into the entertainment field with Maurice Jones. He played in the North Shore Accordion Orchestras. His education continued with extensive training under Frederic Deschamps. 

In 2009, Grayson became the first person to win the Coupe Mondiale top classical category and the Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment category in the same year.

In 2009 he also won the Roland International V-Accordion Competition & Festival, Rome and the Primus Ikaalinen International TV Competition, Finland, showing his amazing musical versatility.

September 2010 Grayson won the Trophée Mondial Classique World Accordion Championships and retired from competitions.

At the 2010 Coupe Mondiale, Varaždin, Croatia, Grayson was elected to the prestigious CIA Music Committee. He also made a major USA Tour in 2010.

Qualification & Activities

• Winner of multiple World Championships. 

• Studied under Frederic Deschamps, Classically trained at Auckland 

• Received his diploma in Music from HEMU (University of Music Lausanne)

• Adjudicates world competitions, travels internationally performing and teaching. 

Media Coverage


Several performances on TV in France, Sata Hame Soi Festival in Finland
TV1 in New Zealand, Breakfast Show
TV3 in New Zealand


Magazine Strumenti Musica (Italy) article - About Grayson Masefield winning top places in two categories during the Trophée Mondial de l'Accordéon 2008 

Accomplishments & Competitions

2010 1st Place, Trophée Mondial Senior Classique
2010 1st Place, Spoleto Senior Variete and Senior Classic
2009 1st Place, Roland International V-Accordion Competition & Festival
2009 1st Place, Coupe Mondiale
2009 1st Place, Coupe Mondiale Virtuoso Entertainment
2009 1st Place, Primus Ikaalinen International TV Competition - Finland
2009 2nd Place, Trophée Mondial Senior Classique
2009 2nd Place, Klingenthal Category 6, Virtuoso Entertainment
2008 1st Place, Castelfidardo Category D Senior Classical
2008 1st Place, Trophée Mondial Senior Varieté, picture of prize giving above right
2008 2nd Place, Trophée Mondial Senior Classique
2007 3rd Place, Coupe Mondiale Piano Accordion Category
2007 3rd Place, Category D, Castelfidardo International Competitions
2007/8 1st Place, New Zealand and South Pacific Accordion Champion
2007/8 1st Place, National Accordion Organization of the UK, International

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