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Watch the video above to learn how Accordion Life will help you learn the accordion.

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How To Play the Accordion

Learn how to play the piano accordion with ease and develop quality sound.

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How To Play the Accordion

Learn to play the Diatonic Accordion with Antonio Tanguma. Spanish only.

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How To Play the Accordion

Learn to play the Chromatic C-system Accordion with confidence and proficiency

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How To Play the Accordion

Build Confidence

Gain certainty and motivation knowing you'll have the tools you need to play well.



How To Play the Accordion

  Form Good Habits

Start right by developing good habits that save you valuable time.



 How To Play the Accordion

Learn Quickly

Quality videos designed to help you make progress quickly and conveniently.


How To Play the Accordion 
Save Time & Money

Pay a fraction of the price without compromising the quality of your lessons.

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When it comes to learning the accordion, there's a lot of information out there.  As a student, you want the right training that will get you the results you're looking for.  Accordion Life helps students learn to play music with purpose, precision and passion.  With these step-by-step online courses, you will know how to practice and you'll know exactly what to do to become a well-rounded musician.

Accordion Life is piloted by owner Patricia Bartell, who has taught students for 20+ years. Patricia has helped hundreds of accordion students just like you learn how to play with passion and musical depth.  Her students have ranged from the enthusiastic hobbyist to those taking the international competitive route. Read her bio here.  


When you become an Accordion Life Student, you will

  1. • Experience the ease of learning to play the accordion. With videos and feedback from the teachers, you’ll see that it’s easy to understand how the accordion works. You’ll also learn the secrets of producing a quality tone in your music that makes you sound like you’ve played for years.’

  2. •  See how easy it is to learn how to play the accordion.  With videos and feedback from the teachers, you'll find how easy it is to understand how the accordion works.  You'll also learn the secrets of how to produce quality sound that'll makes you sound like you've played for years.  

  3. •  Have plenty of resources available within reach.  There are many aspects to learning music.  Your instrument, the technique, understanding how music works and most importantly, how to play music beyond just the notes on the page.  


Students need some direction when learning an instrument and not just any direction. Good accordion teachers are hard to find and trying to co-ordinate busy schedules is another challenge. The convenience of online courses where you can view the lessons anytime and as many times as needed keeps motivation and enthusiasm at a peak! 


We’ll help you become an amazing accordion musician who’s never embarrassed to play.


  You'll Learn To Play The Accordion


Learn to perform like an artist with passion and confidence

while avoiding bad habits that restrict and hinder your playing.

Build Good Habits



"I was fearful my age would hold me back. But it hasn’t! I feel like part of a family." - Michelle Egan

"I am starting from scratch with level one at Accordion Life and absolutely loving it. I am getting basics and tools I have never been taught before which is making a difference in the songs I already know how to play but never sounded quite right. The lessons are also giving me a new bit of self-confidence that has been lacking. It is fun being on the cutting edge of these online classes." - Nan Peterson


"I love your teaching methods. I’m a 66-year old Polish boy who took accordion lessons when I was 6 for a year or two, then
quit, which I have regretted all my life.  Now, I really want to get as good as I can with the accordion.
I’m really impressed with your program." - Joe W.


"I am a young advanced piano player and just recently decided to pick up the accordion.  Accordion Life's method
not only eased my worry about learning the accordion but has convinced me that the accordion is truly an instrument
you can have fun with!” - Maya Phipps


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