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[World Renowned Instructor]



Frédéric Deschamps is a world renowned teacher whose cutting-edge techniques have consistently produced world champions.

He regularly teaches master classes in France and abroad - Europe, China, USA, New Zealand, Chile, and more.

A world champion himself, Fred has spend many years training world champions with his cutting edge technique.  A few of his students include, Grayson Masefield (NZ), Petar Maric (Serbia), Pietro Adragna (Italy), and Jerome Richard (France).


Courses by Frédéric Deschamps

Qualification & Activities

President of the Confédération Mondiale de l’Accordéon since 2004.  

President of Trophée Mondial de l’Accordéon.

Director of the International Accordion Center - Loiret (France).

Professor at Shanghai Normal University (China) since 2009.

Professor at the Conservatoire de Paris from 1993 to 2004.

Product Manager for Hohner Accordions since 1993.

Regularly hosts internships and master classes in France and abroad (Europe, China, USA, New Zealand, Chile, etc.)

Accomplishments & Competitions

Creator and host of the WEB TV "Deschamps CHANNEL".  Deschamps Channel features international accordion events, educational specials, talk shows, and artist interviews. It is the first 100% accordion online TV created which has had visitors from over 130 countries and more than 100,000 visitors. 

Fred has accompanied singers such as: Patrick Bruel, LAAM, Laetitia Casta, Raphael, Josh Groban, Marie Laforet, John Edward, Enrico Macias, Mireille Mathieu and Charles Trenet, and Frank Michael.

Between 1986 and 1992 Fred Deschamps won several competitions:

Winner at the Pula International Competitions
Winner of National Championships (Concours National)
Winner of the Coupe Mondiale International Competition - Trossingen, GERMANY


1st Prize World Cup - Trossingen (Germany)

1st Prize World Trophy Accordion - Recanatti (Italy)

1st Prize International Competition in Klingenthal (Germany)

State Diploma of Music Teacher

1998 - 1999 - 2000:

Award for Best International Professor- Castelfidardo (Italy)

2001 - TV presenter on France 3: "The Time Musette"

2007 - Prize awarded by the magazine "Accordion Accordionist" for Best Teacher of the Year.



Students & Pedagogical Relationships


Vincent Peirani, Jerome Richard, Marielle Roy, Arnaud Guimard, Camille Privat, Benoit Chabod, Frank Telot, Nortier Benoit, Vincent Carenzi Michael Vigneau, Xavier Rollet, Alexander Léauthaut, Julie Blocher, William Lopes, Eric Lopes, Frédéric Baldo, William Fric Michael Richard, Magali Boissier, Julian Gonzales, Olivier Selac Phil Bouvier, Carine Vigny, Patricia Burban, Dorothy Lhoir Mathilde Royet Cyril Blanchard, Elsa Gourdy, Estelle Sauvain, Michel Pollo, Alexandre Monnier, Aurélie Gusto, John Ribeiro, Arnaud Rouvellat, Caroline Ruhland, Lorenzo Verwaerd, Laurence Legris, Emmanuel Roland, Alain Peter Krummenacher, Romain Dupuis (France) Guillaume Fric, Elsa Gourdy, etc.


Grayson Masefield (NZ), Petar Maric (Serbia), Vladislav Pligovka (Bielorussia), Adragna Pietro (Italy), Christel Sautaux (Swizerland), Alexander Kolovski (Macedonia), Pavel Zyabko (Russia), Alexander Veretennikov (Russia), Evin Keli (Ireland), Esti Jaka (Spain), Jose Dias (Portugal), João Barradas (Portugal), Natanael Teixeira (Portugal), Augustinas Rakauskas (Lithuania), Anne Mari Kanniainen (Finland), Ernesto Calderon (Chile), Loui Herinx ( Austria), Liu Zhao (China), Nova Wan (China), Young (China), Liam Liam (China), Fan Ye Li (China), Jessica (China), Quintet of Trossingen (Germany), Young Art Quartet (Germany ), Alexander Cargneli (Germani), Matthias Matzke (Germany), Sabrina Ghislain (Belgium), Emanuel Chailly (Belgium), Emanuel Account (Belgium), Yevgeniy Nosov (USA), Patricia Bartell (USA), Joshua Trenel (Center Africa) Radu Laxgang (Moldavia), Dorin Grama (Moldavia), Paul Chamberlain (Scotland), Matthias Bender (Germany), Regis Vitse (Belgium), Bijun Wei (China), Campbel Hill (NZ), Christine Schmidt (Germany), Liao Cheng Han (China), Claudio Huerta (Chile), Ignacio Leiva (Chile), Daniel Angel (Chile), Vitaly Kondratenko (Russia), Michele Bianco (Italy), Valentin Metzger (Germany), Michael Rettig (Germany), Nicolae Gutzu (Moldova), Erwin Bahamondas (Chile), Pablo Tellez (Chile), Hean Jeon (Korea), Laimonas Salijus (Lithuania), Ian Mitchell (USA), Naomi Harris (Zapan), Kristaps Ginters (Latvia is), etc.


International Award Students

International Competition Spoleto (Italy) - May 2009


1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Variety

2nd: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Senior Variety

1st: Petar Maric (Serbia)  Senior Classical

1: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Piano Accordion Category

Ikaalinen International Competition (Finland) - June 2009

1st: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Variety

2nd: Petar Maric (Serbia) Variety


World Cup Accordion (New Zealand) - August 2009

1st: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Senior Classical

1st: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Senior Variety


Accordion World Trophy (Portugal) - September 2009

1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Classical

2nd: Grayson Masefield (NZ) Senior Classical

1st: Benoit Nortier (France) Junior Variety

3rd: Laxgang Radu (Moldova) Junior Variety

1st: Adragna Pietro (Italy) Senior Variety

2nd: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Variety

3rd: Dorin Grama (Moldova) Senior Variety


Castelfidardo International Competition (Italy) - October 2009

1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Classical

5th: Christelle Sautaux (Switzerland) Senior Classical


7th Aleksander Kolovski (Macedonia) Senior Classical


1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Variety

2nd: Adragna Pietro (Italy) Senior Variety

3rd: Patricia Bartell (USA) Senior Variety


Ikaalinen International Competition (Finland) - June 2010

1: Adragna Pietro (Italy) Variety

2nd: Petar Maric (Serbia) Variety


Accordion World Trophy Vigo (Spain) - September 2010

1st: Grayson Masefield (New Zealand) Senior Classic

1st: Joao Barradas (Portugal) Junior Classic

1st: Radu Laxgang (Moldavia) Junior Variety

1st: Veretennikov Alexander (Russia) Senior Variety


World Cup - Varazdin (Croatia) 2010

1st: Petar MARIC (Serbia) Senior Classic

1st: Radu Laxgang (Moldova) Junior Variety

1st: Joao Barradas (Portugal) Junior Classic

1st: Sirius Duet (France)

Julien Gonzales (Accordion) & Cyril Carbonne (Clarinet) - Duet

1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Senior Variety

2nd: Veretennikov Alexander (Russia) Senior Variety

3rd: Tan Jia Liang (China) Senior Variety


Primus Ikaalinen - (Finland) 2010

1st: Tan Jia Liang (China)


Accordion World Trophy Pineto (Italy) - September 2011

1st: Alexander Kolovski (Macedonia) National Trophy

1st: Dorin Grama (Moldavia) Senior Variety


World Cup - Shanghai (China) 2011

1st: Adragna Pietro (Italy) Digital Accordion

1st: Matthias Matzke (Germany) Junior Variety

1st: Adragna Pietro (Italy) Senior Variety


World Cup - Spoleto (Italy) 2012

1st: Petar Maric (Serbia) Digital Accordion

1st: Zhao Liu (China) Senior Variety


Accordion World Trophy in Samara (Russia) - September 2013

1st: Sergei Lobkov (Russia) National Trophy

1st: Radu Laxang (Moldovia) Senior Variety


World Cup - Victoria (Canada) 2013

1st: Radu Laxgang (Moldova) Senior Variety


World Cup - Salzburg (Austria) - 2014

1st: Vitaly Kondratenko (Russia) Senior Classic

2nd: Laimonas salijus (Lithuania) Senior Classic

1st: Sergey Lobkov (Russia) Senior variety

1st: Matthias Matzke (Germany) - Digital category

2nd: Dorin grama (Moldova) - Digital category

3rd: Alexander Bodell (UK) - Digital category


World Trophy - Kaunas (Lithuania) - 2014

1st: Sergey Lobkov (Russia) - Senior Variety

2nd: Vitaly Kondratenko (Russia) - Senior Classic 

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