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Watch the video above to learn how Accordion Life will help you learn the accordion.

Piano Accordion Lessons for you to:


  Understand how to play the bass buttons with good technique.
  Develop good bellow control (the most important aspect of the accordion)
  Eliminate the frustration of not know if you’re doing it right.
  Learn various bellow techniques including the bellow shakes and vibrato.
  Learn how to use the left arm to produce quality sound.
  Learn tips and tricks to coordinating both hands together.
  Have an easy step-by-step instruction on how to play the piano accordion.


If you want to learn how to play the piano accordion, save valuable time, and have clear step-by-step instructions with all materials included, you are in the right place!

Piano Accordion Lessons

Because with Accordion Life, you will:


Learn to Play the Accordion Using a Solid Step-by-Step Program

There are lots of “how-to” YouTube videos available but having an organized step-by-step program from an award-winning teacher will ensure you make progress quickly and accurately.

Learn Quickly with Accordion Life

Get a fully structured course of video lessons designed to work as a curriculum. You won’t get a mishmash of random lessons that leave out vital beginner techniques or knowledge. You won’t be confused about what to learn next.

Enjoy High-Quality and Professional Videos

You’ll see exactly how to do the technique correctly and hear the subtleties of how you should be sounding. All videos are professionally produced with multiple camera angles giving you up- close and personal viewing of what we are doing. You’ll never have to wonder what buttons or keys to press or how it is supposed to sound. We demonstrate everything! You’ll feel confident knowing you are taking the pathway that will enable you to play well.

Endorsements from the Pros!

This is the best place to learn how to play the accordion online.” – Gilbert Reyes, HOHNER USA


“Accordion Life is a fantastic website that gives a beginner all the necessary tools to play the accordion. The lessons are delivered in a clear, decisive manner.” – Grayson Masefield, World Champion Accordion Artist

- - - Here is How and Why Accordion Life Works! - - -

Patricia Bartell

My name is Patricia Bartell and I am an accordion teacher, performer and international adjudicator.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of students learn to play the piano accordion and most importantly develop a passion for playing music.  Our students are solid musicians who are able to express music beyond the written notes on the page. Learning the mechanics of music and the instrument is just the beginning.

Along my journey have I met many people couldn’t find a good accordion teacher in their area so they tried to learn the accordion on their own. As a result, they found that learning can be slow and frustrating if you learn the wrong way.

I developed Accordion Life so anyone could be able to play the accordion and have access to quality education (that is available 24/7). Accordion Life provides everything beginning to intermediate students needs to play the accordion. For advanced students, we offer private Skype lessons.

Patricia Bartell’s Credentials

♦ B.A. in Music Education & Accordion Performance.

♦ Successful International Award-winning Accordion Competitor & Concert Artist.

♦ USA Adjudicator for Trophee Mondial of the World Accordion Confederation.

♦ Owns, manages, and teaches at Bartell Music Academy.

♦ Performs with Tango Volcado, an Argentine Tango Quartet.

♦ President of Bartell Music Foundation (Non-Profit Organization)

Here's What You Can Expect To Learn as a Member of Accordion Life

Piano Accordion Lessons

Discover exactly how to get started correctly and if you have some experience you’ll be able to fill in any gaps in your learning and technique. This will make sure you have a solid foundation so you can advance quickly and further.

 Understand exactly how to play the keyboard of the accordion with good technique so you have control over every note and its sound. Piano technique and Accordion technique for the keyboard are two completely different techniques.

Learn to play the bass buttons with a good sound and know which fingers to use.

Build solid bellow control that will make your music sing.

Skip past all the mistakes and obstacles that keep MOST beginning accordionist from advancing quickly and playing with accuracy. Rewind and repeat each video or section as often as you want, whenever you want!

Get it from students who are Accordion Life Members


“I love your teaching methods. I’m a 66-year old Polish boy who took accordion lessons when I was 6 for a year or two, then quit, which I have regretted all my life.  Now, I really want to get as good as I can with the accordion. I’m really impressed with your program.” – Joe W.


Their online tutorials (and Skype capability for those not in range to take lessons) is unsurpassed. This program is in a class by itself and absolutely the best learning program I have ever seen.”Dale Johnson


I would recommend Accordion Life to anyone with a desire to be or continue in music. No matter what level you are they can guide you through songs, technique, theory – everything comes together in a fun and easy to understand way.” – Kelly Corson


“I was fearful my age would hold me back. But it hasn’t! I feel like part of a family.” – Michelle Egan


“I am starting from scratch with level one at Accordion Life and absolutely loving it. I am getting the basics and tools I have never been taught before which is making a difference in the songs I already know how to play but never sounded quite right. The lessons are also giving me a new bit of self-confidence that has been lacking. It is fun being on the cutting edge of these online classes.” – Nan Peterson


“I am a young advanced piano player and just recently decided to pick up the accordion.  Accordion Life’s method not only eased my worry about learning the accordion but has convinced me that the accordion is truly an instrument you can have fun with!” – Maya Phipps


“Accordion Life teaches you practice techniques so you’re practicing correctly, you’re not patterning your fingers incorrectly, how to interpret music, how to control the instrument, it isn’t just all about reading notes. I find Accordion Life comprehensive, sensible and professional.” – Marcia Lydiksen


“The improvement in my technical ability is rewarding, as I am playing music well beyond what I thought possible. Accordion Life has introduced me to aspects of playing the accordion that I had never considered before and I find myself learning not just how to play the “right notes,” but how to “express” the emotion and musicality of each piece.”  – Diane Guffin


“I find the website really really easy to use. I’m not a computer person so it’s nice to be able to just click here, click there and find the lessons right in front of me. I have a right-hand instruction, a left-hand instruction, and what I’m supposed to be looking for. I find it informative and very very easy to follow. It’s awesome!” – Lynn Dwyer

- - - - How It Works - - - -

Piano Accordion Lessons

Everything you need, in one place.

As a member of Accordion Life,  you will have access to an incredible suite of learning tools.

From technique lessons to video tutorials on a specific piece of music, you will be amazed at the amount and quality of material available to you.

To guide you through the lessons you will be using a step-by-step curriculum that is structured and goal oriented.

There are four levels (Preliminary Level, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3) that take you from complete beginner material through to intermediate lessons.

Learn on any device.  Watch your video lessons on your computer, smartphone or your favorite tablet.

4 Levels for You To Progress

Click Each Tab Below to See Sample Videos of Curriculum

Preliminary Level • 10 Videos

For complete beginners: learn how the piano accordion works and how to handle it properly.  This course prepares the absolute beginner with a working knowledge of accordion care.

Level 1 • 50 Videos

The Level 1 Course covers core techniques that are used in accordion playing. Techniques such as bellow rules, standard bass patterns and producing quality sound are all covered. In addition to technique, you will learn how to read music, get an introduction to music theory and musicianship.

Repertoire has been carefully selected to help you progress without frustration. You will have lessons on all of the repertoire in level one to further use your new found technique skills.

Level 2 • 62 Videos

Level 2 picks up where Level 1 left off and continues in a progressive and structured fashion. Learn to produce different articulations, bass rhythms and develop bellow control.  You will find the same comprehensive approach which includes technique, repertoire, theory, and musicianship.

The repertoire continues to progress steadily in difficulty in Level 2.

Level 3 • 70 Videos

Level 3 is for the early intermediate accordionist and includes repertoire Dark Eyes, Tico Tico, Under Paris Skies, Boogie Sphere and more.

Learn the bellow shakes, a variety of rhythm patterns, bass development and other special effects.

Preliminary • 10 Videos

Level 1 • 50 Videos

Level 2 • 62 Videos

Level 3 • 70 Videos

So Here's the Bottom Line as an Accordion Life Member

You’ll get access to the 4 Main Courses for Piano Accordion (192 videos)

A step-by-step program with videos that are professionally produced with multiple camera angles giving you up- close and detailed views.


Piano Accordion LessonsSheet Music

Not only do we show you what to play and demonstrate every song, all the sheet music is available for downloading and printing so you can follow along easily with the videos.


Piano Accordion LessonsStudy Sheets

The Study Sheet documents contain important elements from each lesson that will serve as a quick reference so you’ll easily remember the main components of each lesson.


Piano Accordion LessonsDigital Sheet Music Player

All the sheet music inside the courses is digitized. This allows you to watch the notation and listen to the songs for the right or the left hand in slow or fast speeds. This digital player will loop a measure so you never have to wonder if you’re playing the correct rhythm or notes.


Piano Accordion LessonsLIFETIME Access to the Accordion Life Community

Get access to the forums and social groups so you will never feel alone following your passion. You’ll have friends who understand your love for the accordion and support you. Getting encouragement and having your own “fans” cheering you on will make you feel inspired and excited to be a part of Accordion Life.

 – – – – WHAT’S MY COST? – – – – 


Access anytime


- - - PLUS! You’ll Get These Other Special Bonuses as a Member! - - -

Bonus #1: Single Song Tutorials

In addition to the Main Courses, you’ll have access to another hundred videos that demonstrate and show you how to play many other types of songs giving you a variety of music to have in your repertoire. When you want to find and explore other music that keeps within your current playing “level” these single song tutorials will fulfill that desire to expand your repertoire.


Bonus #2: All Archives of Accordion Life Today (Digital Accordion Magazine)

Accordion Life Today is an educational digital accordion magazine that is full of articles of accordion history, technique, stories, music theory, sheet music and more!  As a member, you will have access to all past archives.

Bonus #3: Personal Feedback from Our Teachers for 4 Weeks.

Submit any videos or questions of your playing for feedback from any of our experienced Accordion Life teachers. You will not feel alone or question if you’re on the right track because our Accordion Life teachers are on hand available to make sure the beginning of your journey is totally successful.

 – – – Everything for $47/monthly – – – 


Access to the 4 Main Courses (192 videos)

Sheet Music Inside All the Courses

Study Sheets with Every Lesson

Digital Sheet Music Player

LIFETIME Access to the Accordion Life Community

PLUS the Added Bonuses

Exclusive access to the Single Song Tutorials (100+ more videos)

Access to all past archives of the Digital Accordion Magazine: Accordion Life Today.

Personal feedback from our teachers for 4 weeks
(To make sure the beginning of your journey is totally successful)

All for $47/Month

- - - - How Do I Become A Student? - - - -

(3 Easy Steps)

Step 1

1. Create Your Student Membership Account

Fill out the information to create your account and get immediate access.

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Step 2

2. Choose Your Curriculum Course (Grade) Level

Beginners: Start with the Preliminary Course and advance through the levels chronologically. Got experience? Jump to the area you need.

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Step 3

3. Start Your Musical Journey with the Accordion

Learn how to play new songs, develop good technique and show off your new hot accordion skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size of accordion do I need for these courses?

For Level 1 and Level 2 courses, you need at least an accordion with 48 buttons. For Level 3 course, you need at least a 72 bass accordion.

How much does it cost?

An Accordion Life Student membership is $47 per month. You can cancel anytime.

The same day you sign up and pay $47 will be the same day your membership will renew each month until you cancel.

What if I already have experience? Will this program work for me?

Yes! Many of our members find that even with experience they learn so many valuable lessons inside Accordion Life that they were never taught. Some will skip to Level 2 or 3 to start and some will watch through Level 1 just to make sure they have their foundation strong.

You can always jump to Level 3 Course if you find the songs too easy for where you are.

When you want more advanced technique and lessons – we offer private Skype lessons.

Are there any sample videos I can watch before I become a member?


Sample Video from the Preliminary Level

Sample Video from Level 1

Sample Video from Level 2

Sample Video from Level 3

Can I cancel my membership anytime?

Yes! You can cancel anytime. Your membership is only month to month.

What if Level 1 is too easy? Can I skip to Level 2 or 3?

Yes! If you find level 1 too easy you can start with Level 2 or begin in the middle of Level 2 or move to Level 3.

After I complete Level 3, am I ready for private Skype lessons with you?

You can do Skype lessons with us anytime regardless of what Level you are currently taking on Accordion Life. When you take Skype lessons with us, you will have still have access to all the courses.

I have a Roland FR 1X. Can I use it to learn from the course?

Yes! You can use a digital accordion or an acoustic accordion – as long as it has at least 48 bass buttons.

Need Help Signing Up or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the course please contact us.

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